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Authorize.net and Coupons Not working

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Hello All,

For some reason I can't get A.net to work with coupons. On all of the checkout pages the order total is being calculated correctly, the customer email has the correct discounted total, the order record as viewed in the admin area has the correct total, but A.net charges the full "undiscounted" amount. I've seen a few people ask about something similar but have never seen any answers or solutions. Any ideas?

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OK. I did fix this and I'm posting the fix for anyone else who runs into this problem. First let me say that this is not the way I normally fix something like this but after countless hours of voiding sales on Authorize.net and jacking the code around I got sick of it and fixed it this way.


First on checkout_confirmation.php around line 288(I have some contributions installed so yours may be different):



   echo $order_total_modules->output();



$_SESSION['mytotal']= $order->info['total'];



Then on authorizenet_aim.php around line 244:



x_amount => number_format($order->info['total'], 2),



x_amount => $_SESSION['mytotal'],


If anybody sees an issue with this fix I'd like to hear it but we've tested it and it seems to work fine.

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