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Bryce F

Processing credit cards manually

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Hello OSC gurus. I'm wondering about the implementation and ramifications of processing CC transactions manually.


First, the "how":

Is there a good module out there that will take CC info without actually processing it, so that I may process it myself manually? (Doing so is necessary for our business's POS system) And if there is, how does it store the info?


Now the security issues:

If I can accomplish this, what security issues should I be worried about. Should I encrypt; is there a good tool out there for doing this? Should I store CC info on my web server (even briefly) or should it go straight to my business computer?


Has anybody out there done anything like this before? If there's no existing module out there for this, it's fine - I quite comfortable with PHP and would be ok coding it myself... just need to know the considerations.



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Thank you for that link, it's most useful.


Given that information above, do you know whether any of the payment modules that comply with US PCI DSS (Authorize.net, PayPal PayFlow Pro, LinkPoint, Trust Commerce) will achieve that sort of manual transactions to which I'd referred? Has anybody accomplished something similar to what I'm doing?

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Might be a good idea to re-read that thread.


You seem to have missed the basic point,


Unless you comply with the pci regulations you can't enter cc data via your site, you then can't store it or pass it through to any other computer.


By going to a page on a merchant's site and processing the cc details there you do not have to be pci compliant and as you will not "see" the cc details you can store or pass them on.

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I just read through the link provided above. I too would like to process CC manually. We own a Brick and Mortar store and have the terminal we use to process transactions (manually or swiped).

I have another store hosted on Yahoo! where they store the data for me and let me print out the orders with the CC #, Expiration, & Name and Address. I'm assuming I am PCI compliant because they never pass on to me the Security Codes or Pin #s.


Is there any way I can get the same results from OSCommerce?

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