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Actual Attribute Price v1.6 and Add Weight To Product Attributes v.X

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Hi All,


This is a generic question to all community members who may be using Actual Attribute Price v1.6 and Add Weight To Product Attribute v.X and have managed to get them to work correctly together?


Problem - My store (will) need to show the actual attribute price (for customer ease, I HATE the +/- price) but importantly for me, also calculate the price of the shopping_cart based on the attribute weight (I will be selling different weights of coffee and tea (indicated within the attribute - drop down - section)).


I have spent the past 3 days trying to marry the two contributions together correctly, but seem not to be in luck, hence the post here!


This may prove to be a very usefull, all-in-one contribution to develop as I can forsee a number of store owners wanting to use such a method. There may be a contribution out there already?


Any help would be appreciated!


Kind regards,


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