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Printable Catalog and SPPC

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I have installed and working on v 2.2:

1. Printable Catalog Printable Catalog v3.0 MS2

2. SPPC 4.2.2


My problem:

When a user,who is not in the Retail group, prints a catalog he will always get the Retail group prices in his print.

I am talking only on the printable Catalog, not the cart or any order total - they work fine as far as I can see. (I don't see the TAX ever since I have installed SPPC but that's for another topic...)


Can you recommend a fix or another contribution that will print a nice catalog?

I need the print for my Salesmen to hand over to customers.


Thanks you so much in advance, especially the amazing contributors!

I wish I was at a level to solve this myself; I tried but got confused and scared.


yours humbly,



How about an Open Source Car?


How About an Open Source Car?

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