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Lagerbestandsübersicht Stock Overview

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New forum for the Contrib Lagerbestandsübersicht Stock Overview


There is also a German forum


I don't speak German (can read it a little), so the German forum is a little bit to difficult.

I just started with this contribution, and I like it, but I do have some questions.


I hope the creator of this Contrib is willing to post here on the English version as well

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I like this contrib. It looks nice and clean.

I have a few questions/suggestions for this contrib.


1. Is it possible to ad a colomn Product Costs? You can use the contrib then to Count the value of your stock per item. I would love to have this in my sotre, but don't know how to change it in the Contrib.


2. In the list there are also the duplicate products. Is it possible to get these out?


3. I have a store with almost 2000 products. Toghether with all the duplicate and inactive post the list "All" in the Contrib shows around 2580 items. On my Windows computer I can't see the whole list, it's to big. Also the buttons to export it to excell and Print are not visible. First I thought it was something with the Contrib, but on my Imac the complete list is visible including the buttons. So my question is, is it possible to break the list into pages of say 200 items?





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Thanks Anja,


I also posted something on the German Forum. I don't want to ruin that forum with all the English talking, because I think it will be confusing, so that's why I opened a new topic here.

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Hello everybody,


First - my english is so bad like Clau123 german :blush: I work with google-translator...


@ Clau123 - You still have problems, or has done this???


I gladly extend to you the evaluation accordingly. For that I need but the information coming from database fields which the data are to...


see you


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