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Has anyone else tried to load this contribution as of yet? Nice look and clean functional approach to catalogging many customers so you do not have to scroll many pages.


Got to work in admin, but when clicked on a letter I have customers in, I get a database error. It has to be looking for a field not commonly in customers.


I can not be more specific at this time as I immediately rolled back to keep my shop functional.


If there are no others with this problem, I will do the install again when I have more time and post the error message then.




Frederick C Brace,III PA-C

www.21st-tees.com (osc)

www.tanda-designs.com (osc)

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Hello Fred,


Yes, there is some specific to mutch in the first code for the customers.php! This one: a.entry_vat_id, -> is to mutch!


Sorry, my wright-english is not so great. Please take a look perhapse also in the german forum:





( I have two other errors in this contri...the secound I had still wright also in the german forum, but for the last I do not now anything...)


Edited by swiss-lens

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