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ultrapics and lightbox problem

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Hi All,


I am working on a site but have run in to a problem.


I have installed the ultrapics and Lightbox 2 combo from the contributions.


I must say that it is a grand piece of work and credit where it's due.


I cant seem to get it to work correctly and now i am pulling my hair out.


The additional image opens up fine however the product image on the right just acts as it is loading and never appears?


Any one please help.


Please see link below to replicate the issue.




userid: test

password: test


Check out womenswear and then tees. There is a product there that you can use to replicate the problem i have.



Any help greatly appreciate.



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Another issue....Just put in my 6th product and no matter what size the image is the image shows massive on the product listing page.....



Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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