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404 error with more pics

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I'm using the more pics contri, bit encountered something strange.


Google reported a lot of 404 errors.


When looking at the source, Google encounters e.g.:


<a href="http://www.xxxxx.nl/oscommerce/agate-beads-earrings-p-46#morepics.html" name="morepics" onMouseOver="document.MainImage.src='images/B10131-3.jpg'"><img src="imagemagic.php?img=images/B10131-3.jpg&w=400&h=400&page=" width="400" height="400" class="productsImages" border="0" alt="Agate beads earrings" title="Agate beads earrings"></a> </td>


Google stops at the # before morepics.html and therefor doesn't find a valid html.


Can this be changed?

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