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Daft Moniker

Total Newb - I need to add Spanish to my site

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Hi all,


I've recently setup my first site using OSC. The company I have built the website for has a large amount of Spanish-speaking customers and want to have the website selectable for Spanish as the language. So, that being said, I would really appreciate if somebody could walk me through getting this added to the site.


I would like to know how to do the following things:


Remove the German flag from the header and replace it with a Spanish flag.


Make it so when the said-Spanish flag is clicked, the site is shown in Spanish.


I know I am suppose to find a Spanish language pack to d/l from the Contributions page, but is there a specific one any of you would recommend?


- -


A big thank you to any help you can offer. Please keep in mind I have never used OSC before so I may need some very specific instructions.

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