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How to add a Filter Your Results feature in a Sub Category Display

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Hi all,


I have a question concerning a sub-category display: How to add Filter Your Results feature in the shop like this:








In my shop soon will be more than 50000 items in the stock and more than 2000 items in some categories like this. For IT products the sub-category display should have

more options so it should be easier for clients to find product they looking for.


For price and a brand I have seen some contributions here I can use for this purpose but for the options like Screen Size I don't have any info or fields in my database, this info is only available as a part of the product name text.


My question is:

- should I add an extra custom fields to products description tables to be able to sort them in a sub-category display?

- how can I automatize this process so I do not need to add 50000 items manually?


Thanks for any help,


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