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<span style="color:red"> Shipping weights by the case </span>

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A few shipping issues I have been trying to solve with no success.


1) Supplier ships products by in case packs if full case qtys are ordered. and different products have different qtys and weights. like one case of 100ft svga cables is 39 lbs while 400 1ft c5e is 21 lbs.

Oscommerce calculated the shipping at fixed max box size. Which falls apart when customers purchase larger qtys.


Any Ideas? or know of any contributions that are qty based PER product SKU?



I have looked at many contributions and also

Enhanced Multi Vendor Shipping



Multi Vendor Shipping



From what I have read from searches and forum discussions neither seem to do what I am looking for. Unless I missed something.




2)Also, on the flip side

I would like to give the customers ordering only one of a specific item the option to ship a specific for that item if one of that item ordered ( and no other items)

For example, one of item x can fit in a priority mail envelope. They have the additional option to pick that as a shipping method.


the contribution that seems to do this is

Individual Product Shipping Prices - v1.0



Yet I also have to be concerned with interaction with other shipping modules.



If known, any other options?


Any insight is appreciated.

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