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Having Problems with the New AIM Module

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Hello peeps. A friend alerted me tonight that the old AIM module was not processing discount coupons on their site. At that point I realized that his AIM module should be updated to the new one despite the fact that the old one was still processing transactions with Authorize.net. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be possible with the SSL switch at Authorize.net but whatever.


Soooooooo. I uploaded the new AIM module - Authorize.Net AIM (PCI DSS SSL V3) - and set it up in the admin area but when I try to check out there aren't any form elements whatsoever on the payment page for that module. I created a language file and that's all that appears for the new module, the text I set for the module in the language file. Does the new module require him to be using RC2a? We set his site up a few years ago so I know it's the previous version.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I also can't get the a.net module to process, I get confirmation emails that test transactions process but both SIM & AIM modules report


"Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method."


This has been consistent with different versions of authorizenet_cc_aim.php & authorizenet_cc_sim.php I don't redirected to the success page.


I'm changing my processing from ECHO and am wondering if something in my a.net settings is wrong.


Anyone have any ideas, nothing I've found so far is working.


I did notice that authorizenet_cc_aim was being returned in the error field, but changing the 'if' statement to filter that out hasn't fixed the problem.

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