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Your Script Timed Out while we were trying to post transaction results to it ?

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I asked the authorize.net folks if they could set the timeout further out because my client is getting very upset with having these issues. They said they wouldn't, but menitoned:


what you will want to do is make sure that the response back to Authorize.Net is the very first thing your website does, even if it's some simple text like, "Processing, Please Wait."


Is there a pre-written code fix or something out there that I can apply? At a loss here!


Many thanks in advanced!

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I was getting this exact same error 2 weeks ago, response was returned within 2seconds of submitting the transaction, so knew it wasn't a time-out issue. Discovered is has something to do with a new install of FWR Security Pro, somehow it was blocking the $HTTP_POST response to the Authorize.NET payment module. Uninstalled this and everything works fine.


Sorry, only suggestion I can give. Good luck,


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