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CSS Issue

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After much sodding about and searching hundreds of sources, I have finally managed to get the image on my front page to change to another one on mouse over and it all works lovely in FF, however, not so well in IE. The issue with IE is that the link is only active for a very small section on the left side of the image as opposed to the whole thing as wanted. You can see it for yourself at www DOT togsuk DOT com.


I'm assuming that this is something to do with the stylesheet, but I've changed the values that I can see and although they are changing things, it is not what I want them to change. Any ideas?


The relevant commands in stylesheet are:


.rollover a {
padding:130px 650px 10px 7px;
font: bold 13px sans-serif;;
background: url("/images/wiv-rollover.gif") 0 0 no-repeat;
text-decoration: none;
.rollover a:hover { 
background-position: 0 -140px;
color: #049;

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