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I already have installed and customizing an online store, with oscommerce.

Now i want to change entire layout, to look like this one:




After some thinking days, i guess the best method is to start form begining, with fresh install.

I want to know if you have some advices, to make it more simple, eficiently the customizing process.


1. First i will change in stylesheet.css, a fix width, about 750 px.

2. Remove the right column.

3. Small images of a product, set to 150/100 px, bigger then original

4. Make some images, with link in right corner (like new boxes), for "free shipping" or "save 40%" .

5. Images with link in main page, for some big anouncement.

6. I will remove account, and create account with PWA contribution. The orders grow up, with this contribution.


I need some advice, how to:


1. Move the basket (shopping cart) to top. I guess, i have to remove, or change header.php for that.

2. Featured Products to look like in TM template. The price in right, details and buy now buttons, exactly in that place.

3. Put the top line buttons with "Home". "New Products", "Specials", instead breadcumb, how is in original oscommerce.


I would be very appreciate of any advice you may offer, to customize the layout.


Thank you,


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