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Worldpay update?!

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My customer got this notification, any changes to the module required?


We wrote to you recently to let you know that we are planning

to consolidate the WorldPay payment service you are already using

with several other best-of-breed payment services from around

the world, as 'RBS WorldPay', the new name for the payments

processing arm of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.



We plan to make this change in the 2nd half of April 2009

and ask you to review the information about the change

below. We will contact you again with the exact date.



If your systems capture payment/order data from ours

using the HTML Notification (callback) service, you may

need to change your server configurations to recognise and

allow communications from a new hostname. (Notifications

are typically used to update inventory systems or automate

fulfillment processes).


This is a technical change you should refer to your technical

resources. It is only necessary if your system validates and

accepts incoming communications from specified urls/peer hostnames

only. However, if your system does do this, the change must be made

before 18th April 2009 in order to ensure your service carries on

accepting payments / working in the way it does now. We will be in

contact again with the new hostname.






For details of how this will impact your current WorldPay service,

please refer to the News pages on our support site


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This is on the WorldPay site:


If you use the HTML Notification (callback) service your system accepts incoming communications from the WorldPay service. This in itself will not require any change when we introduce RBS WorldPay. However, if your system validates and accepts incoming communications from specified peer hostnames only, you must adjust your server to accept traffic from our new hostnames, in addition to those you already accept. We will use a range of new peer hostnames, all of which end with:




You need to configure your server to check for this situation - to check for '*.outbound.wp3.rbsworldpay.com' for example (if the software you are using enables you to use wildcards).


As I recall the OsC WP Junior module uses callback, but you'll only be affected if your setup "validates and accepts incoming communications from specified peer hostnames only". I think that's a big sigh of relief for most of us!


Hope that helps.



There are 3 types of people - those who can count, and those who can't.

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If you go to your Payment module under your administration area in oscommerce then there is NO Callback Link to Worldpay pages, which i assume will NOT NEED any update from our side.


Thus, leave the settings as they are and the payment should still work after Worldpay makes their update.


Correct me if I am wrong on this :blush:


Kind regards,

Arames T.

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I'm very confused by this Worldpay Junior option!


I'm setting up oscommerce for someone who told me he wanted to accept Paypal. However, now I've set his store up, he tells me he has a Worldpay account and wants to use that instead/as well.


When I look at the Payment modules, the only Worldpay option is "Worldpay Junior", but Worldpay only offer Business Gateway & Business Gateway Plus in the UK for online payments.


Their website says they do integrate with osCommerce, so I presume I just use this Junior option rather than download a further add-in?

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I use WorldPay Junior for a couple of my OsCommerce websites.


I have put a test transaction through (always a good way to see if things are working!)


In the past on clicking the final "confirm order" button you were taken straight to the Worldpay payment page asking you what sort of card you wanted to use.


Since the RBS update to Worldpay you get taken to a redirect page which then forwards you to the new RBSWorldPay card selection page (or should do - I had to click the "Continue" button to force the forwarding). The transaction then contiues as normal.


Obviously this forwarding step is unnecessary, annoying and un-professional for your customers to experience.

Therefore you need to change the page that OsCommerce calls when the final confirm order link is pressed. This should be easy! In the catalog/includes/modules/payments directory is a file called worldpay_junior.php - on line 36 (approx) is :


$this->form_action_url = 'https://select.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase';


this needs changing to the new RBS landing page:


$this->form_action_url = 'https://secure.wp3.rbsworldpay/wcc/purchase';


HOWEVER IT DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK!! I have uploaded the new worldpay_junior.php file and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Worldpay payment module in the ADMIN section - but the old URL link remains on the final confirm order page.


I am guessing the link is copied somewhere else when the module is installed for the first time - uninstalling and re-installing does not change it.




I will continue looking too and post my own answer - if I find it.

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My mistake - as usual - editing the file on one website - and testing it on another - no wonder it did not work!!


So to update existing WORLDPAY link to new RBSWORLDPAY pay change the code as shown in the post above - it does work!

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Thanks for that David. As usual it's all Microsoft's fault!!! I just found this on the WorldPay site


Redirecting Shoppers to RBS WorldPay Payment Pages

The measures we are introducing to prevent cross site scripting will no longer allow shoppers to be automatically redirected once they have submitted an order on your website to our payment pages. This change has been enforced as a result of the recent release of Internet Explorer 8 which, because of an incompatibility issue with the improvements we are making, resulted in an error message to shoppers warning about cross site scripting.


Unless you make some minor changes to your systems, shoppers wishing to purchase from your website will now be presented with an additional webpage containing a ‘clickable’ redirect button in order that they can be transferred to the RBS WorldPay payment pages. However, you can avoid this further step in your payment service altogether by replacing the submission URLs used by your system to send purchase token details to our payment service. If you wish to bypass the additional webpage containing a manual redirect button, then please update your website or shopping cart software with the submission URL:


Old URL:


New URL:


Please contact our Technical Support team if you need further help or guidance by emailing support@rbsworldpay.com.

There are 3 types of people - those who can count, and those who can't.

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