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Moneybookers modules

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Good day.


I was just looking through a module [this module] to run on my installation of OSCommerce 2.2; and I have a number of queries:



1. The readme file included states that catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php should basically be overwritten with the one included. However, my installation of OSCommerce is highly modified general.php is not the same as the original. So basically what I’m asking of anyone is if you could possibly look through that page and give me step by step instructions on what lines of code to change, add, remove or append in anyway; in order to get the codes to where they ought to be please and thanks. Here's a link to my version of general.php so you could see where it’s at in comparison to where this module needs it to be.

2. I also have the initial setup for the moneybookers payment module [this one] and i would like to know if anyone knows if it supports IPN and if the module given in point 1 above will work with it.

3. I use two currencies on my website, US Dollar (USD) and Jamaican Dollar. The default currency is the JMD. However, my moneybookers account is in USD and I would love for the module to automatically convert the payment to USD when persons are checking out; similar to how the paypal module works. Is this possible?


I would really appreciate if anyone could get back to me on this as soon as possible; and I thank you very much in advance.

Andre Sewell

Managing Director



In our weakness, God's strength is made perfect

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Hello mate, I am also starting my online web shop wich OsCo.


I am choosing money bookers as the default ( and unique) payment processor.


and writing money bookers to allow my shop to accept credit cards.


just checking two tasks


1) the rates are acceptable

2) my sites complies with basic to medium leveles of transaction security, to make it trustable for my customers.


we can share the experience

Apprentice from all apss, expert in almost nothing.

bloggin at freedomipmoney.blogspot.com

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