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how to install and setup the MultiGeoZone MultiTable?

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Dear Everybody:

Hello,i am the newbie,i meet the some problem for use the MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module,i did install ,but it has some problem,can not set,i don't know where is the mistake,i operate them as below:


1.i use the oscommerce V2.2rc2,dowload the zip file and get the file MZMT_Shipping_v1.2,in the MZMT_Shipping_v1.2,it total have four folders and one file:



3.file folder(Install Docs);

4.file folder(_install_sql);

5.file(LICENSE),is it right?


2.in the MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping readme,it tell us 1.Copy files from `catalog` to your osCommerce installation.so we should only copy the file from folder(catalog) or other to osCommerce installation folder??? i copy all the file from the folder(catalog),folder(geo_zones_sql),file folder(_install_sql) to osCommerce installation folder;is it right?


3.Import SQL file `_install_sql/INSTALL_v1.000.sql` to your DB:it is only put the "INSTALL_v1.000.sql from _install_sql folder to the database or also need put ohter file to the database? i only put the INSTALL_v1.000.sql to the database,is it right?


4.Setup Pre-configuration from Admin -> Configuration -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping:when i did same as below,i did not find the list:Admin -> Configuration -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping,where is my mistake?


5.Setup shipping Geo Zones (see "SETTING UP GEOZONES" section of the README file) ,i don't know how to set up the Geo Zones,i did see the README file,but can not understand,where can i set up the Geo Zones and how to set up,pls teach me the detail,thanks!


6.Install & setup module from Admin -> Modules -> Shipping -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable:when i did same as the 2 and 3 step,i can see this,and when i click the install button,it show as below:


MultiGeoZone MultiTable


Remove(button) Edit(button)


Multiple geo zone shipping with multiple tables to each geo zone.


Enable MultiRegion MultiTable Method



Tax Class

United States


Sort Order



but it is strange,in the "Enable MultiRegion MultiTable Method",it shows MultiRegion not the Multiple Geozone,i don't know why?


i am the newbie,so maybe the problem is very easy to you,pls help me and teach me how to do,thank you very much!

how to install and setup the MultiGeoZone MultiTable?pls help me to solve this problem,thanks!

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