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COD addon?

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I'm wundering if someone is still developing MultiGeoZone MultiTable?


If so, is it possible to add a COD option Cash on Delivery?

I'm new to all this great contributions and the webshop so I realy hope someone is able to build a COD option to work with this MultiTable.


What I woul like is;

A normal table option as is aready in use but with an COD option next to it

The COD option calculates weight, price and %. You would get an calculation like this; 5:15.15+6.50+1%(1% over the total value),


Or is there any obe that has an other idea?

My problem is that I need 4 fields one for basic COD weight price 15.15, one for extra price option 6.50 and over all that the deliver company takes 1% with a minimum price of 5.


So the total pack price will be like;



1% = less then 5 so 5 is added




All idea's are welcome, I hope you understand what I want




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