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Setting up SSL

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I'm considering SSL for my site but I'm confused as to all the options!!


I've setup Paypal and it works but you get a warning when returning to my site. I assume SSL will address this?


The site is hosted by Hostgator and they have the option for shared ssl, private SSL that validates the domain name only and the option to purchase an SSL certificate that covers the entire site. What's the difference? I think the shared SSL will not work as it will give warnings about it not matching the site name? , but not sure about the difference in the last two options.


At some point I may want to take direct credit card payments as we already have a merchant account for normal sales, but it's not a priority


Thanks for the help!

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You don't need an ssl cert to use paypal, although you should have one, so the error you are gettnig has nothing to do with the ssl and adding one won't fix it. Unless, I suppose, you have paypal set to return to a secure page.



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