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Paypal IPN v1.4 problems....

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Finally managed to get Paypal IPN working with QT Pro - had to use v1.4 as suggested in various places - but it works! However...


When an order is place TWO orders show up in Admin - both with the same order ID...

'Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status' does not update the status message.


The second is really not that much of an issue yet - the first is! Any ideas why this is happening?



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OK, narrowed it down a bit -


When the order details are saved to ORDERS_TOTAL (just after you select Paypal as the payment method), they are added twice - so for each Order ID I get 2 subtotal, postage and total vaules added... both sets of these are displayed on the Checkout Conirmation page.


Looks like the basket info stored by OSC is being doubled

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