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Ok got a response from 2CO. Below is the response.

The reason your Approved URL is not being accessed after a sale is successfully completed is because of the way that you have your return script set up. Direct Return will not work with scripts that perform any kind of immediate redirection. In this case, the script you have for your Approved URL is processing data and then redirecting immediately to another page ( http://mydomain.con/catalog/checkout_success.php ). This would be the reason why you are seeing 2Checkout's Order Confirmation page instead of being taken to your Approved URL. Removing the redirection in your return script will resolve this issue.


I also tested the following set as redirect URL.

( http://mydomain.con/catalog/checkout_process.php )

direct return URL = yes (does not redirect ) does not submit info to osc db.

direct return URL = no (works) see 2CO the response from 2CO above is directed to link provided.


If I understand all of this correctly the default 2CO module currently provided with osc must be corrected not the checkout_process.php file.


If somebody can submit any info that explains this it will be of great value to all 2CO vendors using osc.

Even better would be if somebody could correct this.


Thank you to everybody that has contributed thus far and taking time to help others. ;)


I'm no php programmer or wiz just a normal user trying to get my shopping cart working without error.

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