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Weight based shipping with Minimum price per item

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Hello all,


I was wondering if there would be a way to use a weight based shipping method (ie: shopping cart weights between 200g and 300g, costs $11.99 + $2.00 handling) but some items are pretty light and can be combined, but their boxes are heavy, that's why I'd like to have the control to put some items a minimum shipping quote (ie: item #033 weights 250g, but ships for minimum price of $19.99).


This would work the way that it will display the highest amount (minimum price or the real shipping price based on weight).


Do you guys think it's possible to do this ?


I will gladly pay the one who can make this.





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Hmm, which shipping module are you using?


What you want involves the following steps:

(1) Adding new field to the products in the database (minimum shipping price)

(2) Modifying catalog.php to show the field so that you can change it (also recommend using multiple products update mod)

(3) Modifying your shipping module to check minimum shipping price for each product in the cart

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