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Fashion website, template advise required

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Hi all,


Can anyone suggest a template for a website that i am creating.


It is for Fashion clothing and products that will come in different sizes.


Any help appreciated.



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I was just about to post summat....I have managed to put STS v4.5.8 on.....


THe problem i face is that i cannot get it to work. I dont seem to be getting any visible errors...So i think that i have made the correct modifications. However when i try to enable from the backend it does not seem to work.


Any advise as what i could try.


Thanks in advance.



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Bills reply is not quite correct.


STS will not help you to design your own template. It will make things a little easier when you come to integrate the design you already have made (or found elsewhere) into osCommerce.


There is no tool that will help you to design - for that you need a designers eye.


:lol: As an umbrella will not keep you dry in the rain unless you know how to open it up and raise it above your head.

Bill Kellum


Sounds Good Productions

STS Tutorials & more: STSv4.6, STS Add-ons (STS Power Pack), STS V4 Forum STS Forum FREE TEMPLATE

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