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Canada Post Module - Can You Exclude Services?

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To those using any version of the Canada Post shipping module: I have not yet set it up and am really leery about using it at all if it isn't very flexible (I currently use customized tables/zones). My question is:


CP offers server different parcel services (eg. XpressPost, Expedited, Small Packet) to different countries/regions. Is it possible to EXCLUDE certain services to certain regions (eg. disable XpressPost for Canada, disable Small Packet Surface for France and Germany, etc.)?


If this *is* possible, please let me know which version of the module you are using, and/or any suggestions as to where to change the code to force this "option" if it is not evident already in the module itself (I'm not a programmer but can pass any technical info on to a friend who's done an awesome job on the store so far and can help me set it up).


FYI, I am curently using osCommerce v2.2 RC2 if that helps your answer.


Thank you in advance!


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