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Understanding Zones

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Searching high & low, but I cannot find anything that explains the basics of how zones are used with osc 22.2rc2a (or any other release for that matter).


Any suggestions?


e.g. questions...

after adding SPU (Store Pick-Up contribution, then testing with a "dummy" customer addressed in the zone my store is in, Store Pick-Up still does not show as a shipping option. Is the problem with my zones setup or the SPU contrib?


Further, if I get SPU working, how do I configure County & City zones so that I can precisely offer Store Pick-up to those it is practical for?


Also, how do I set up Zones for the different Sales Tax Rates through-out my state?


I'm feeling Really Thick-in-Head when it comes to understanding Zones with osc.... :(

Oh yeah, I am a newby to osc, but not to programing, configuring platforms, editing & posting etc....



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