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oscFileBrowser Trouble

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I think oscFileBrowser would be exactly what I need - if I could get it to work, that is.


As of now, it just refuses to do what it should when clicking on the select button (the green checkmark icon) - instead of selecting the corresponding image it just displays it!

I think the file _inc/lang/templates/index.tpl is responsible for this, but I don't know how to change it to get the desired behaviour. The responsible part reads:


<a href="{$FB_BROWSE_FOLDER_URL}{$CWD}{$file.name}" class="select {$file.type}" title="{$FB_LANGUAGE_FILE.TXT_SELECT}"><span>{$FB_LANGUAGE_FILE.TXT_SELECT}</span></a>


Anybody out there that has this contrib running as advertised, version 2.0.2, that could help me out?

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Did you solve this issue. It sounds like a javascript issue. Check instructions for /admin/categories.php that you have got all the javascript files loading.



Jim Chisholm

(oscFileBrowser creator)

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