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Problem with Ultimate Seo Urls v2.6 (18 Aug 2008) + bug fix Full package

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Hi all!

I wanted to install that great package and succeded.But unfortunately I have a big problem and don't understand why it is so.

After the installation I've tried different categories on my site.I've got the following link in my browser:http://www.goodpresents.net/car-dvd-players-c-27.html.


But the problem is that error 404 is shown and written that the page wasn't found. <_< So the link is correct and works, but the page isn't shown :huh:


I have v2.2 RC2a of oscommerce.Than I also use the following contribution: seo-header-tags-v4 .I don't know whether that contribution affects it


Can anyone help me ???:blink:




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The only working versions, to my knowledge are the 2.1d versions. I suggest you install one of those.



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