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osCommerce for WordPress : WP-osCommerce

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hey guys i got this to work on my site http://xposed.com.au


although trying to go one thing further.


How would i go about getting the "users" from WP share the "Customers" from OSC?


so a user can sign up once and it works on both?


the password both use same encrption?

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another question, Mr. Roya. how do i edit the menu in column_right in wposc? osc procedures do not work. are there other php files i need to edit in dw? example, i want to remove languages, currencies, shipping, etc.

thanks a lot!



Hi klaconcepcion,

You can have one or two databases.

WP.osC uses a template system , all template files are located in "themes" directory. According to your theme you may have one or several columns (sidebar.php, ...) .






Im having the same problems as klaconcepcion.

We cant remove the languages or currencys boxes like the original osc.

There is no column_right.php ir left.

And you say that WP.osC uses a template system. Well, I cant seem to find a way to remove the language or currency box in any .php file!

I've even checked the Theme files.. Nothing there..


Can someone please help us?

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Hi, I am trying to implement Wp.osc as part of an existing wordpress site with theme in place partialy customised. The instructions say replace ALL wordpress functions but thats a bit vague. application_top.php does call wp-osc.php anyway, subsequent to other functions so can anybody explain to me please how to get my theme running...Have gone through all the other steps but still not using my theme, just the default

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