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I have just set up an osc site where we are selling baby products that come in a variety of colours. I have hacked the code so that it displays a table where users select the colour, I guess that is color to those of you south of the border. There are a lot of contributions about attributes but I haven't found one that deals with product colour - check out what I have done here: http://storksandberries.ca/store//catalog/...?products_id=97


What I am looking for is a javascript that will select the radio box when someone clicks on the image (not everyone can find the radio button). Does anyone know if this exists? I would be happy to contribute what I have done so far if there is interest in it.


Secondly, I am looking for an inventory tracking system that will keep track of purchases and sales as well as inventory levels for each attribute. I have scoured but not found anything. Any comments would be appreciated!



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