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Simple Gallery page wanted

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I'm looking for a simple gallery page. I have a box on my opening page whihc says 'sewing information' and has a blacnk page there just waiting to be my gallery! All i want is to beable to add a pic, whihc shows as a thumbnail and can be enlarged if wished (oh and maybe a little bit of text below), i don't mind having to upload the files through the cpanel and manually editing it, so a bit of code might do. I tried the javascript used for general thumbnails and it came up on my gallery page with the click to enlarge underneath but then had an error pop up when you clicked, and no enlarged pic.


I don't want customers to beable to upload. Needs to be simple else i might botch up my site!!


thank you

Running a botched up version of  osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 bootstrap with the dresscode theme installed, numerous add-ons, terrible coding, terrible website, but will have to make do until I have made up for my losses and can risk shutting down for a couple of weeks while I start all over again. - I did not install my program but am endeavouring to fix it with your help.

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