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Worldpay junior 1.0 improve callback?

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Hi all,


I am still developing my site and it is in test mode at the moment.

Worldpay will be my only payment method, a least for the early days :)


I have the module working so that...

  • callback functions correctly
  • my html output displays on final worldpay 'success' page
  • 'return to site' button is displayed
  • worldpay emails fired to customer and me


So far so good, but my issue with this module is that the user has to press a button to return to my server.


Only at this point will the order email (from my shop) be fired off to the customer, my warehouse and myself.


So, if the buyer closes the browser without returning to my store, they pay but not necessarily receive their goods, until i've done some manual work in the site admin. I really want this process to be automatic, so:

Is there a way to modify the callback so that if transaction successful, the emails get sent off i.e, before the customer sees the final worldpay confirmation page?

Would it be a case of adding an if... else construct to the junior_callback.php file?

I'm not a developer, as is probably clear, so any pointers or suggestions will be lapped up with glee :-)



Thanks in advance


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