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Custom sort order contrib - does not work with RC2a

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Hi all,


A few years ago, there was a contribution called "Custom sort order field for products in admin/categories.php" (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2541) which was created.


It was a nice contrib. The original developer is no longer around it appears.


The problem is that the module will not work with RC2a. As per the contrib page:


Sorry forgot to mention,


This contribution does not work on the latest OSC release 2.2RC 2a.


Only works on older oscommerce versions! Unless later someone can upgrade this coding


What happens is when it's installed, when you go to the Catalog section of the Admin you get a blank page.


So - this contribution is rendered moot unless you use the older OSC versions.


There's no support thread that I have found for the contrib, otherwise I would be posting this there.


I guess the point of this post is

1) Has anyone used this contrib with 2.2 RC2a?


2) Does anyone know how to make this contrib work with RC2a?


3) Is anyone working on a similar contrib that works with RC2a?

I don't know jack about programing in PHP or for OSC otherwise I would fix it. Does anyone out there reading this post that knows what they are doing feel like fixing it so it works with RC2a?


I've got a client that won't pay until it's installed, so.....




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