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This is a general Inventory Management question - your advice/reviews/comments are appreciated.


Does anyone use or can anyone provide any info/review on Store Manager for osCommerce by Magnetic One - it's a Windows-based addon that runs $149.00. The demo sure makes it look like a winner but I can't find much info by users


I am also interested in the contrib that so many people do use with what seems to be great success.

Easy Populate contrib doesn't state if it's updated for v2.2RC2a (at least I don't see it if it is). Is it?


I understand from EP documentation that it will handle any new fields added to database providing we make our changes - For anyone using EP who has added fields, are there any tips/tricks to this part?


Any other advice for inventory management is good. The store I'm setting up will sell musical instruments and accessories for the musican.


Thanks in advance!



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not worth the $$


just pay yourself $149.00 (this is about $0.05 to $0.10 a day) and do 5 to 10 clicks on the mouse

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Thanks Simon


osCommerce Version: Online Merchant v2.2 RC 2a - Test Site with: oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817

cPanel Version: 11.23.4-RELEASE - Apache version: 2.0.63 - PHP version: 5.2.5 - MySQL version: 5.0.51a-community - Operating system: Linux


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Magnetic One Store Manager for CRE


We paid for and (attempted) to download this software. We have inventory issues and cannot use EPB.

We looked into a custom solution, too. Thought we'd give this software a try, but—


1. Impossible to download (we tried in vain for two hours).

2. They were very quick to answer our question (before) the purchase, but when we explained that

we had made the purchase, it was, "use our forums, and, good luck."

3. We could not get the Demo off our desktop, no matter what we did.


In conclusion— we can't say whether this software was helpful; we can say that they were not,

and that their system of download is wildly unclear, leaving us to wonder if we didn't stumble

onto a yet another of the web's scam-o-ramas. That's just our OPINION at this point.


If the company actually comes through and can get us our copy of the download, and

explains how to get the demo off our desktop (sounds easy right? Not), we'll do a full

review here — as unbiased as possible.



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I just recently added map pricing and seem to remember there are 3 well marked places in the EP code where you need to make changes.


The gotchas are put in commas. Look at the code on the lines below each place and use the code as an example.





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