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Easy populate with Product Tabs 2.2

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I have added product spec

and here is what I did

search for v_products_description

and mirror it for spec

around line 377

// the database if they are not found in the incoming file
$default_these = array();
foreach ($languages as $key => $lang){
 $default_these[] = 'v_products_name_' . $lang['id'];
 $default_these[] = 'v_products_description_' . $lang['id'];
 $default_these[] = 'v_products_spec_' . $land['id'];


and this is for product images

its been a while since I did this

and change

// More Pics 6 v1.3
define ('EP_MORE_PICS_6_SUPPORT', true);  // default is false

and this make sure

   if (EP_MORE_PICS_6_SUPPORT == true) { 
     $ep_additional_select .= 'products_image_lrg as v_products_image_lrg, products_image_sm_1 as v_products_image_sm_1,products_image_xl_1 as v_products_image_xl_1,products_image_sm_2 as v_products_image_sm_2,products_image_xl_2 as v_products_image_xl_2,products_image_sm_3 as v_products_image_sm_3,products_image_xl_3 as v_products_image_xl_3,';

you can add up to six


not sure if this is original or I changed it all to products_image_xl_1 as v_products_image_xl_1. it has to be as above to work with product tabs

and change

// More Pics 6 v1.3
define ('EP_MORE_PICS_6_SUPPORT', true);  // default is false


hope this helps

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