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Recommended paypal module?

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Which paypal module would you recommend? I have a premier paypal account so I can accept credit cards.


I don't want to pay the £20 each month for the paypal pro (uk) unless I have to.


Also I tried to get my API account sorted but it refers back to an old site/store I had a couple of years ago. How do I create a new one relevant to my new store?






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PayPal Website Payments Standard

Thanks Simon


osCommerce Version: Online Merchant v2.2 RC 2a - Test Site with: oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817

cPanel Version: 11.23.4-RELEASE - Apache version: 2.0.63 - PHP version: 5.2.5 - MySQL version: 5.0.51a-community - Operating system: Linux


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