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Individual Shipping Prices

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Here's my problem...


I've added a new attribute to TABLE_PRODUCTS called products_shipping -> decimal (5,2) / NULL

I've altered the /admin/categories.php accordingly, so I't will read the values from TABLE_PRODUCTS and also write them to TABLE_PRODUCTS...

no problem what so ever... easy going...


The shop is set to calculate the shiping costs (only one type offered) according to its weight (0-4.9 kg = 6.9 € ; >=5 kg = 10,- €)


The thing I wanna achieve now, is to alter the /includes/modules/shipping/table.php function quote() in such a fashion that it'll

check if one of the products in the shoping cart has an individual shipping price saved in the Database,

and if it's higher than the standard shipping costs, it'll replace the standard shipping costs.


Therefore We can decide to set special shipping prices for extremely heavy or bulky items.

For example an item thats lighter than the 5kg but still is so bulky we'd have to charge extra extra (15,- € for example)


Now where must I set my routine to check on the database, compare the values and change the value of the shipping costs if the DB value exceeds the standard value ???


I hope this explanation aint to confusing :)

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Noone can help me?


Can't anyone tell me where to slot in an SQL query and an if/then routine in order to override the standard prices if database saved price exceeds standard pricings ?

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