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Missing "Shipping"-tax in my payment iframe

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I am using a paymentmodule (Paynova) for processing creditcards. I have configured a shipping module like this

Enable Flat Shipping



Shipping Cost



Tax Class

Taxable Goods


Shipping Zone




The shipping is 39 SEK incl. VAT/tax and 31,2 excl VAT. When i checkout the product in the payment module from Paynova iFrame the tax for the shipping is not included. I always get -7,8 SEK less that need to charge the customer.


Is it a problem with the Paynova Module?

or is it a general problem with the "create session" for shipping TAX that is passed to the payment module?


Anyone have the same problem? or can reproduce the problem?


I am using osCommerce v2.2 RC1.



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