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Gone Live, Criticize Me

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Alright, I got my shop up, did some visual changes and branded it. I know it has a similar appearance to the stock shopping cart, but I was kinda sold on OSC because of that. I did however put our own twist to it, and have been making changes to stock images as I go as well as moving stuff. I do want to change the nav images and buttons in the top corner and make log in/create account buttons for the front page. In due time.

Did you find problems with the coding?

Like the general look to it?

Hit me. I spent 3 years in art school and can handle constructive criticizm, as well as total bullying.




If you wish to create a customer account and want to have it deleted after creation, make a comment and I will disolve it for you at a specific time. Also the standard fake credit card number will work as well to imply a fake order.

Thank you,


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Your front page is too intimidating - you have way too many graphics and stuff (IMO) - its really far too busy for my taste.


Your rollover graphics don't look like they preload..


Your shopping cart has lost the boxText style...


Sorry, it does its job, but the layout is standard and really there is nothing exciting about the site at all...

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I have to disagree. The layout may be stock but, you have given it a great look! Finally a site with some real style! It has some oomph!


A couple of suggestions....get one of the image contributions and go to a small thimbnail and a larger image. The small thumbnails will help speed up the loading time. Definately need to lose the stock buttons and the text over the checkerboard needs to be a bit bigger and/or bolder.


Good Job!!!



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nice layout.

It might be just me but it seems the images appear a little fuzzy. It could be due to the checkered background - since you already have a background, you might as well use it across the board.

Nice design though.

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I think it has quite a nice touch to it ... although I'm not too keen on the light red color used for the box images. It does reflect a red color in your main logo, but personally I would choose the red you have picked for your footerbar, contrasting a bit more with the dotted background. This will make the shop appeal more when someone sees it for the first time.


I tend to agree to a certain degree with Burt. For instance the boxes loose themselves in the dotted background because you are using a checkered background. You should consider a simpler approach by using a blank or slightly colored background having the boxes stand out more.


Then there is the large image of the offline store. Overall the image dimensions are a bit large. Someone on for instance a 800x600 resolution will only see your header and the large image of the offline store when coming to your default page. I would suggest moving the large image to an 'about us' page or incorporating it in the header merging the logo and the offline store image.


Overall ... quite nice :)


Take care, Richard

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Overall - looks very nice.


Just from a button crazy osc persons view - perhaps you would like to change your blue standard buttons to red buttons.


All the rest looks fine to me.



EL Bavaro

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