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UltraPics 2.08 with Lightbox 2.04 - blank categories admin page

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I've just installed UltraPics 2.08 with Lightbox 2.04, but when I log into the admin, my categories page is blank. (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1642)


Replacing the categories.php with the original restores the page to normal, but doesn't allow for the functionality of the add-on (obviously)


Is there something that I need to modify in the admin/categories.php included in the contribution to make this work?


I've been all through the installion instructions and it doesn't say anything more than just swapping the provided file in for the original.

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Always a simple explanation...


My hosting company has an oscommerce auto-installer, and despite the fact that they claim it installs the latest version it actually installs 2.2MS.

(and writes the configure files wrong, but that's another issue, lol)


I scrapped their auto-install and manually installed the current 2.2rc2a and now amazingly everything works.


So much for "easy-apps" :angry:

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