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Echo Online Contribution

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I installed the echo online contribution because I intend to use them for credit card processing. However, when I get to the last confirmation page and I hit the confirm order button I get this error.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare set_ec_address1() in /var/www/html/dragonscalecounters.com/www/catalog/includes/echo_class.php on line 558



The particular line it is balking at is


function set_ec_address1($value)


$this->ec_address1 = urlencode($value);




Without giving much of a look at the code itself (which I assume works) It appears functionally similiar to the lines both above and below it.


Can anyone help out?


Eric Price

Dragon Scale Counters, LLC


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I fixed this problem:


Here's what I did:


Go to includes/echo_class.php


And delete the function that it lists as an error.

It will probably give you another error for a different function - delete that function, then do the same again


I deleted three functions. They must be duplicate entries.


This happened to me when my web host upgraded the php version.


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Thanks for the heads up. This is what I ultimately ended up doing as well just on the basis of trial and error. I wonder if we could append this information somehow to the contribution itself? I wonder if its only with certain versions of php.

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Are many of you using the echo contribution with os2.2?

I'm using the latest contribution, with the dec. snapshot, and Linda's free_pay/free_ship.


The problem I'm having may be an Echo issue or cart issue.?? I'm looking for a little feedback. The orders proccess correctly for users, but on the "view transactions" at echo-inc the expiration date is wrong. Sometimes the year is +3, +4, -4, etc. There's no apparant pattern.


In the mysql database, the expiration date shows correctly. The final_price, and auth_code, along with other fields are missing.


Also, is there any easy fix for encrypting or Xing out the echo ccard numbers when only using echo payments? Since I'm only using echo payments, I don't have the other default card on which will X out the middle numbers.


I like echo- just trying to get it working smoothly with the nice oscommerce features.


Any direction will help.




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Here's the answer by A. Schultz


In the includes/modules/payment/echo_cc.php look for

a line that says:



Change it to:




Seems like a little goof when the module was rewritten.

I believe updated contribution will be posted soon. :D


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