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Zip code Issues with Purchase without account

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Hello All,


I recently installed the "Purchase without Account v2.0f" contribution. Everything loaded up fine its just when I try to test it out I get the following error. I have v2.2 RC2



"Your Zip Code must contain a minimum of 5 characters."


The weird part is that I have 5 numbers in the zip code function. It won't allow me to go the the next page.



My next step was to set the minimum value to 0 in the admin panel.


After I did that it allowed me to go to the next page (delivery information page). However, my fedex module now cannot display a rate because the zip code does not appear in the shipping address. If I click the link to ship to another address, I can add the zip code and the fedex module works fine.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.





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