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any ideas why it kicks back to 'enter cc again'

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my site after running smooth for 2+ yrs all of a sudden after entering their CC and hitting submit button, it's kicking customers back to the enter cc page and they of course, enter it again thinking they have no been charged. in reality they are being charged everytime. i have no idea whats going on with it. ive checked my authorize.net settings and everything looks ok (after all ive changed nothing). i try to catch them every day before the batch to delete multiple charges but it's getting out of control. I've posted on here 2x about it with no answers. i really need help!


I am using the old version of OSC and old authorize.net module--im really not smart enough to upgrade a current site and keep all of the data in tact (we have over 500 products with tons of attributes)


any tips on where to look would be appreciated!

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