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Stuck in shipping page

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Hi All, I have followed TerryK's instructions for duplicating the table-based shipping modules and have set up 23 Zones & modules. The correct zone and shipping charge appears according to the customer's address. Fantastic.


However, on pressing continue, to go to the payment page, nothing happens. It seems to be stuck on the checkout_shipping.php page.


I have checked that the total number of characters of all the shipping models' names is less than 255. I get the same behaviour if I substitute the default checkout_shipping.php page.


The client is delighted that the shipping calculation is being done correctly but wants the site live now. Not possible if customers get stuck in a loop before paying.


Can anyone shed any light on this, I just don't know where the problem can be...

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To further clarify: If I re-install the default table rate shipping module then checkout_shipping.php correctly displays the default table rate and my own geographically-specific table rate. If I select the default rate, I can continue to the payment page. If I select the geographically-specific one then I am stuck in the checkout_shipping page.


I have checked that the two modules differ only in the names e.g. table becomes pf_1, TABLE becomes PF_1 etc.


I have tried applying the same geographical restriction to the default table rate. It still works for the default, not for my own.


BREAKTHROUGH!!! I had named my shipping modules pf_1, pf_2, pf_3 etc


Discovered you cannot use underscore character in names of shipping modules as it is used in some other manner in shipping.php

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O M G omgomgomgomg I have been working on this for SO LONG and this is the answer. really, omg. I love you Simon. Have my babies. Oh wait, that's backwards.




I'm going to post some keywords here so other folks looking for the solution might have better luck finding it.


continue button reloads page

checkout_shipping page stuck

checkout_shipping reloads

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