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Checkout locks up when using Zero/No Weight = Free Shipping (v1.0) 12/04/2005 by Jesse Rochman

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I needed to have some products use standard USPS shipping, while others have free shipping. I used Zero/No Weight = Free Shipping (v1.0) 12/04/2005 by Jesse Rochman. It seemed to work, but a test check-out unveiled a problem. The continue button will now not proceed past the shipping page. USPS purchases still work normally. Anyone know anything about this?


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QUOTE (West One Hosting @ Sep 6 2008, 01:15 PM) *

see http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...t&p=1303389


You will not get as much of a mix on shipping as you are looking for.


so give up trying and just use


Individual Product Shipping Prices - v1.0





I looked into this. The problem with Individual Product Shipping Prices is that it requires me to alter the database. For some strange reason, I can't access my database in order to add the fields required. The database doesn't show up when I access it through my ISP's database control panel. I know it's there, because OSC wouldn't be working otherwise. If I can get the Zero/No Weight = Free Shipping to work right, I will have the mix on shipping I am looking for. So back to my original question, why is Zero/No Weight = Free Shipping stopping me during check-out, keeping me in the shipping screen?

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