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Is PayPal Website Payments Standard Secure?

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Hiya all,


I'm using the latest version of osc and the included version of PayPal Website Payments Standard. I've hunted through the forums but can't find the info I'm looking for, so hopefully you guys can help!


I've set it up ok and it seems to work fine. However, I'm concerned as to how secure it is?

The fields: Your Private Key, Your Public Certificate, PayPals Public Certificate, Your PayPal Public Certificate ID and Working Directory are blank.


If I understand correctly, If I've got ssl enabled on my site, then customer details entered will be encrypted, and at Paypal customers will be covered by Paypal's ssl.

But what about when the data is sent from my website to paypal? Is this secure? Or do I need to setup the fields that are currently blank to secure the data when sent between my website & paypal?

If not, then what are these fields for? Seems strange to have these fields if they're not needed.


Also, as a side question, am I correct in saying that the latest version has the functionality of PayPal IPN included?


Many thanks for your help,

Kind Regards, Keith.

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