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Google Duplicate Content Manager version 1.0a

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I want to change the title and description pattern (the sorting) in the "preventDuplicates"-class.


The today's output is like that:

language_en | other title => for english
language_de | other title => for german
language_es | other title => for espanol

sort_2a page_1 language_de | other title
sort_2a page_2 language_de | other title


I have these settings in the code, which is fine:

 var $IhaveDuplicateContent = true;
 var $turnServiceOn = true; // true turns on false will turn this service off



Is it possible, to move this prevention method ('sort', 'page', 'language', 'currency') behind the original title ?

For example:


other title | language_en => for english
other title | language_de => for german
other title | language_es => for espanol

other title | sort_2a page_1 language_de
other title | sort_2a page_2 language_de



Is it correct, that the sort order of the title/meta-pattern can be influenced in the function "performPCRE" ??

Then I guess, that changing these lines here maybe the right point:


   $pattern[]   = '@<title>\s*@i';
   $pattern[]   = '@<meta\s*name\s*=\s*"\s*description\s*"\s*content\s*=\s*"\s*@i';
   $pattern[]   = '@<meta\s*name\s*=\s*"\s*keywords\s*"\s*content\s*=\s*"\s*@i';
   $replace[]   = '<title>' . str_replace('-', ' | ', $this->addedMeta);
   $replace[]   = '<meta name="description" content="' . str_replace('-', ' ', $this->addedMeta);
   $replace[]   = '<meta name="keywords" content="' . str_replace('-', ', ', $this->addedMeta);


but I don't know how and where exactly.


Thanks in advance for your help,

kind regards


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