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Add new product image size in database

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I ran this SQL query and the imaze size shows in admin under Images


INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (200, '200', 'INFO_SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH', '100', 'The pixel width of small images', 4, 20, NULL, '', NULL, NULL);

INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (201, '275', 'INFO_SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT', '80', 'The pixel height of small images', 4, 21, NULL, '', NULL, NULL);



The problem is it is not available on the product entry page in admin, is there a way to create a new imaze size and have it appear as an image selection field in the product entry page so the value can be used to replace the $small_image size used by osCommerce by default


I am using additional images and there seems no way to create a different size product page main image


This makes no sense to me, I have tried every combination


I must be missing something


If anyone has run in to this issue, please let me know how you solved your product page display image issues



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