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Storing Credit Card in Authorize.net for Future Purchase?

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Here's the deal. I operate a rental site, and customers can check out and pay normally for any in-stock item for immediate shipping. I accept reservations if the customer needs the item in the future (say, a month from now). I have them send me an email so I can confirm if I will have it available.


Once I confirm, I would like for the customer to be able to enter their CC info on the site and then I could charge/capture the payment at the time of shipment. Currently, I have to call the customer to get their card number and then I enter it manually in the a.net virtual terminal.


I use manual order entry, so I won't know the total until I enter it, likewise, the customer won't know the exact total either, so I would email them the order reciept before capturing funds. So when they enter their card, I would like for it to just pass it on the a.net where I can charge it later.


Here's the steps I'd like:


Reservation confirmed via email

Customer enters card details on site

I enter order and send email for confirmation

I go to a.net and charge the card.


The only way I've thought of that will work would be to create a "product" that is a $5 or so reservation fee. They check out and it captures that $5, then later I could rebill in a.net for the full amount. I don't want to have a reservation fee, though, even it if applies to the rental. I can't think of any other way since I doubt a.net will record a $0 charge that is rebillable.


One advantage to the way I'm doing it now is that I get the personal contact with customers via phone, but it is a hassle for me.

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