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New attribute manager button edit doesn't work

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Hello there,


I have recently installed the New Attribute Manager by Mike Graves: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1119


I think it's a wonderful contribution, it's exactly what i was needing on the site i'm working on at the moment. I'd like to thank Mike for that.


I have a small problem though: when i'm enter the *Attribute Manager in admin, select a product from the drop down and click Edit, nothing happens. The page seems to post back, but nothing else loads on the page.


I had this problems once before that - using a 'form' tag on a php page, which was working fine on my localhost but didnt work when i uploaded on live server. i dont know whether it's some config in .htaccess or something.


Any help is greatly appreciated, as this still is a mistery to me.



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